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How to download the photographic computer wallpaper
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African Animals

Zebras are large, fast-running mammals that live on African grassy plains called savannas. They can run up to 40 mph (65 kph) in short bursts in order to escape from predators like lions and hyenas. The zebra's life span is about 28 years. Zebras are closely related to horses and donkeys. They originally came from Asia and moved into Africa. Families and Herds: Zebras are very social animals and live in large, stable family groups which are led by females. Stallions (males) watch the rear of the group in order to help protect them from predators. Families will sometimes merge to form large herds. Anatomy: Zebra fur has distinctive white stripes on a black background. No two zebras have the same pattern. These stripes may help to confuse predators chasing the zebra, making them misjudge distances. Zebras have hoofed feet. They are over 4 feet (1.2 m) tall at the shoulder and weigh over 600 pounds (270 kg). They have a long, upright, bristly, black and white mane. Large eyes and ears help the zebra detect predators early, allowing it to run away. Diet: Zebras eat grasses; they are nomadic herbivores. They spend most of their time grazing. Zebras need to drink water often and usually stay close to a watering hole.

African Safari holiday adventures in Kenya &Tanzania

I have been on a number of African Safari’s. Some I have organised my self using a hire rental car and the other with a tour company. There are lots of airlines that will get you to Africa, British Airways, South African Airways, Virgin Airlines to name just a few. To get cheaper tickets try to plan eleven months in advance. That is when long haul tickets are first released. The first batch are normally snapped up by travel agents like or Book with them. The later you leave it the more expensive the tickets become. When should you go. Autumn or spring is the best time if you are heading for South Africa as the grass and foliage is not to thick and you can see more game. For Kenya and Tanzania September to December. Organised Tanzania safaris will take you to Arushia National Park which is a game reserve in an old volcano and then head off down the scarp slope of the African Rift Valley and then up the other side to the famous Serengeti. You will more than likely spend a few nights under canvas as Tanzania has not built many Safari lodges. Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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