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USAF General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark multipurpose tactical fighter bomber

The USAF General Dynamics F-111 was a multipurpose tactical fighter bomber capable of supersonic speeds. It could operate from tree-top level to altitudes above 60,000 feet. The variable-sweep wings allowed the pilot to fly The F111 Aardvark from slow approach speeds to supersonic velocity at sea level and more than twice the speed of sound at higher altitudes. The F-111 could carry conventional bomb as well as nuclear weapons. It could carry additional ordnance included combinations of bombs, missiles and fuel tanks. On external pylons on the wings .The F-111’s avionics systems included terrain following, target acquisition, communications, navigation, attack, and suppression of enemy air defense systems packages. The General Dynamics F-111A first flew in December 1964 and it became operational in October 1967. They saw active service on bombing missions in the Vietnam War. They were used in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. The USAF General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark was produced in a variety of variant, the F-111A, F-111D, F-111E, and F-111F, as well as an FB-111A strategic bomber version. The pressurized cockpit was air conditioned and the two crew members sat side-by-side. In emergency the whole cockpit was ejected and descended by parachute. It acted as a survival shelter on land and it could float on water. The General Dynamics F-111’s were retired from active service in 1996 being replaced by F-16 Fighting Falcons. A few electronic warfare F-111s remained in service as EF-111 Ravens Suppression of Enemy Air Defense [SEAD] mission aircraft until replacement aircraft became available.

Military Airforce Fighter Bomber Aircraft - Airshow Photos

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