Boeing - McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagle strike attack Fighter - Photographic Wallpaper  USAF McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle air superiority jet fighter

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USAF McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle air superiority jet fighter

The US Air force wanted a new all weather powerful agile air superiority fighter that could overcome any current or projected Soviet threat. It was required to have an unequalled combination of firepower, performance and avionics. The skills and research of NASA were used in this aircrafts development. McDonnell Douglas used this knowledge and improved on it. Their resulting prototype won the aviation industry tendering process in December 1963. They got the contract. The radars on the F15 Eagle allow pilots to see targets 100 miles away. A TEWS Tactical Electronic Warfare System lets the aircrew know if the contact is a threat. The F-15’s HOTAS Hands on Throttle and Stick system, allows the Pilot to select, track and shoot the adversary via the HUD. The F-15 Eagle’s HUD head-up display projects on the necessary all essential flight information weapons systems on to the windscreen. This has the advantage that the pilot does not have to look down at cockpit instruments when in combat. The F-15 has two Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 afterburning turbofan engines of 23,904/14,780 pounds thrust each.

The F-15 can carry lots of different missiles like the AIM-9L/M Sidewinder, AIM-9X or AIM-120 missiles on two pylons under the wings, AIM-7F/M Sparrow missiles or AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles on its lower fuselage corners and it has an internal 20mm Gatling gun with 940 rounds of ammunition in its right wing root. Its electronic warfare system provides automatic countermeasures and threat warnings. The "friend or foe" ID system tells the pilot if a boogie aircraft seen on radar is friendly. It also informs other friendly ground and air units that the F-15 is a friendly aircraft. The F-15 Eagle has been in service for over 20 years and the Multi-stage Improvement Program (MSIP) was started in the 1990s to make sure all the fleet are upgraded in avionics and weapon systems to meet the ever changing needs of modern air to air combat.

The F-15 Eagle was designed as an air superiority fighter with no ground attack role, but this changed in the 1990s with operation desert storm. F-15E Strike Eagle was equipped with an array of new avionics and electronics systems for ground attack deployment. Unlike normal F-15 Eagles the Strike Eagle had two crew members, a pilot and a weapon systems officer. It had to have the capability to fight its way to the target over long ranges, destroy enemy ground positions, and fight its way back to base day at low altitude, day or night, and in bad weather.

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