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North American National Park Buffalo Bison Computer desktop background wallpaper

  How to download wallpaper to your computer desktop  
For Windows users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Right click on the image, and a menu will appear.
Choose "Set as wallpaper." or "Set as Background"
If the picture does not fill your computer screen, right click the screen and choose "properties" on the drop down menu.
On the box that appears select "Desktop" and in the box that is marked Position choose "Stretch",
and you're done!.
  For Apple Mac users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Hold your mouse button down until you see a menu appear
Select "Save This Image As." In the box that pops up, choose ' desktop'.
Go inside your Apple Menu to Control Panel, and select "appearance."
In appearance, select Desktop, then click "place picture."
Select the wallpaper file you saved and click "choose." Select "position automatically." Click "set desktop," close the window, and you're done Tell your friends about us, e-mail them!

North American National Park Buffalo (Bison)  

The Americans and Canadians need to wake up the fantastic tourist value of the Buffalo. It is one of the major things that tourists want to see. It can be an income generator. The chances of seeing a wild buffalo are slim. I was lucky to see a number of them on my last visit to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Visitor centres should have a few buffalos kept in large fields for tourists to be able view and take pictures. The ability to guarantee actually seeing buffalo will pull the crowds in. Shops selling Western merchandise will then benefit from the extra numbers coming to their location.

The near extermination of the American Buffalo occurred over a number of years. The North American fur trade, began in the 1600s with the shipping of beaver to Europe but then the demand for buffalo robes started. By the early 1800s approximately 200,000 buffalo were killed annually on the North American plains. The main slaughter occurred between 1830 to 1860. At first Wagons were used to transport the hides, tongues and meat back east but the arrival of the railroads helped speed up the near extinction of Buffalo. By the early 1880s there were only a few free-ranging buffalo left. Luckily the need for conservation was recognised just in time. Private herds were established and the largest public herd is in Yellowstone National Park with just under 5,000 animals. There are other protected herds in other national and State parks through out America and Canada. Scientifically, the American Buffalo is named Bison. The American Buffalo is not a true buffalo. Its closest relative is the European Bison or Wisent and the Canadian Woods Bison, not the buffalo of Asia or Africa, such as the Cape Buffalo or Water Buffalo Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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