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The red wolf is often mistaken as a Coyote but wolves have a cape like fur on its back

  How to download wallpaper to your computer desktop  
For Windows users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Right click on the image, and a menu will appear.
Choose "Set as wallpaper." or "Set as Background"
If the picture does not fill your computer screen, right click the screen and choose "properties" on the drop down menu.
On the box that appears select "Desktop" and in the box that is marked Position choose "Stretch",
and you're done!.
  For Apple Mac users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Hold your mouse button down until you see a menu appear
Select "Save This Image As." In the box that pops up, choose ' desktop'.
Go inside your Apple Menu to Control Panel, and select "appearance."
In appearance, select Desktop, then click "place picture."
Select the wallpaper file you saved and click "choose." Select "position automatically." Click "set desktop," close the window, and you're done Tell your friends about us, e-mail them!

Red Wolf

The red wolf is often mistaken as a Coyote, but the main difference is the cape-like fur on its back. only wolves have this. Wolves also have a wider mussel than the coyotes. Red wolves have been reintroduced at the lligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park . Today the red wolf population is at 300 captive animals in zoos and captive breeding facilities.  They are on the endangered list. Three problems threaten the future of red wolves - the loss of habitat, the hunting of wolves, and red wolves mating with coyotes. The expansion of agriculture, logging and human settlement cleared the forest home of red wolves. Between 1900 - 1920 red wolves were hunted because they preyed on cattle. As the population of red wolves declined, coyotes expanded into its territory.

The red wolf's coat ranges from cinnamon red, gray to black. It is smaller than the grey wolf but larger than a coyote, and weighs 40 to 80 pounds. Red wolves roam in smaller packs than gray wolves. Most times the red wolf pack consists of an adult pair and their young offspring.  Red wolves mate for life. Adults mate between February and March of every year. Two to three pups are born during April or May. Both males and females help raise their young. When the young are about 6 months old they are mature enough to leave home.

Early this century the red wolf lived as far north as Pennsylvania and as west as central Texas . They liked temeperate deciduous forest but the last remaining red wolves live in coastal prairie and marsh areas. At present, the red wolf is extinct from the wild. Red wolves need between 10 and 100 square miles of habitat to hunt and live. They prefer to eat white-tailed deer and raccoon, but will eat any available small animal. Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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