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Barcelona in the North East corner of Spain on the Mediterranean coast is an ideal vacational city break holiday destination. There are lots of cheap flights and hotel, bed and breakfast, motel plus villa accommodation. Renting a car is cheap and easy. It is a delightful Spanish city. It has elegant boulevards and attractive side streets,  A visit to Gaudi's architectural gems is a must. The Christopher Columbus waterfront has to be visited. Make sure you go to the Maritime Museum even if you do not like boats you have to see the splendid richly decorated Mediterranean giant oared galley warship. The Olympic village and the fort on top of the hill are an ideal place to spend an afternoon and take in the fantastic vista of Barcelona in font of you.

Castell de Montjuďc
Barcelona’s Castell de Montjuďc was built in the 17th century during the battle between Catalonia and Spain's Felipe IV, during the war known as the "War of the Reapers". Bourbon troops ransacked the castle 100 years later. It was rebuilt between 1751 and 1779 in the Verdun starred pentagon style with enormous moats, bastions, and buttresses. The castle houses the military museum (Museu Militar) with a collection of weapons, lead soldiers, and military uniforms.

The best thing about the Castell de Montjuďc is that it is an excellent place to get a view of the Barcelona skyline or the Mediterranean Sea. You can get the Metro to the bottom of the funicular railway that takes you most of the way up the mountain to the Olympic pool. It is still a long walk up hill in the hot Spanish sun. Personally a taxi is the best way of getting to the fort at the top. Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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