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Free tropical beach sun sand and sea,
      holiday or beach wedding photographic Wallpaper for your Computer Desktop

  How to download wallpaper to your computer desktop:  
For Windows users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Right click on the image, and a menu will appear.
Choose "Set as wallpaper." or "Set as Background"
If the picture does not fill your computer screen, right click the screen and choose "properties" on the drop down menu.
On the box that appears select "Desktop" and in the box that is marked Position choose "Stretch",
and you're done!.
  For Apple Mac users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Hold your mouse button down until you see a menu appear
Select "Save This Image As." In the box that pops up, choose ' desktop'.
Go inside your Apple Menu to Control Panel, and select "appearance."
In appearance, select Desktop, then click "place picture."
Select the wallpaper file you saved and click "choose." Select "position automatically." Click "set desktop," close the window, and you're done Tell your friends about us, e-mail them!

Tropical Beach Vacation Wedding ideas

Out of the Ordinary - A Beach Wedding
Want to do something fun and different? Maybe you should think about a beach wedding. Couples today want to do something that isn't anything like their parents did years ago. Many couples are getting married a second time and want something completely different from their first marriage. Older couples are looking to recreate their wedding ceremony but want to renew their vows in a fresh and exciting new way. A beach wedding is the answer to these scenarios and many others. Many people do not realize you can get married on a public beach. It's a lot easier than you might think! In many instances, there are no requirements or special permits involved for a beach wedding. For the couple who wants something easy and romantic; something that doesn't involve being the next in line at the local courthouse, a beach wedding is heaven-sent. It's simple, it's fun and it's different. Even if you have your heart set on an elaborate wedding, having it on the beach can still be a breeze to plan and is guaranteed to keep your family and friends talking about it for years to come! Besides, there's just something about standing under the wide open sky, with the waves crashing behind you that makes the whole ceremony so magical and elegant. Make it a sunrise wedding and you'll have a memory so special, you might want to renew your vows in the same manner years down the road!

Tips To Remember
There are things to remember when planning a beach wedding. Here are a few tips that are sure to help! First and most important of all is to purchase your marriage license before the day of the wedding!!! Keep it in a safe place until you can give it to the person officiating the ceremony. In the State of Florida, it is extremely easy to obtain a marriage license. Go to any courthouse in any county in Florida, pay $88.50 in cash, and if this is not your first marriage, have proof of your divorce or annulment. Be sure to bring your identification too. There is no waiting period and you will have your license in hand when you walk out of the courthouse. No matter where the license is issued, it is good throughout the state. The license does have to be returned to the county in which it was purchased, but it's the officiates job to worry about that part of it! Tip number two--remember you are at the beach. It is a public venue. There will be people watching and people are extremely curious about such things. A good beach wedding service will do all that they can to keep the public at bay, but there will be onlookers! Also, flat shoes or no shoes is the best footwear for a beach wedding. Walking in the sand in high heels is not easy! Save the beautiful shoes for later at the reception! Brides, a classy swept up hairstyle is a must unless you want to fight with your hair when it comes time to take pictures. Tip number three--try to schedule your wedding in the morning or in the late afternoon during the spring and summer months. The heat is too overwhelming and the beaches will be crowded with sunbathers during the middle of the day. Also, when you have your day picked out, consider looking at the Farmer's Almanac to see what your chance of rain might be. Summertime in Florida is notorious for pop-up afternoon showers that can ruin a beach wedding. If the chance of rain is high, you might want to think about a back-up site, just in case. A special tip--October and November are beautiful times of the year for a beach wedding in Jacksonville. Tip number four--resist the urge to feed the seagulls! Believe me, they can be very aggressive and have no manners! If you must have a photo with them flying all about you, then try to make it right before you leave the wedding. That way, if something should happen, you won't have evidence of it in all of your pictures. Tip number five---relax and have fun. This is your special day and since you are on the beach, everything is a little more laid back. Some people will look back on your wedding and wish they had done the same thing when they got married. They'll remember it as a good time and certainly as something very memorable! Seaside Beach Weddings makes it so simple for you to have the beach wedding of your dreams. All you have to do is show up. Depending on the package you choose, we can arrange for your cake, your flowers, your decorations, your photographer, your music and even some keepsakes to remember your special day. As the owner and officiant performing the ceremonies, I am personally dedicated to making sure the happy couple has a beautiful and memorable day. My experience involves six years of issuing marriage licenses and performing weddings at the county courthouse as well as a year and a half providing beach weddings to happy couples. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, we are blessed with gorgeous weather nearly year round and great public beaches. Getting married in Jacksonville places you right in the middle of things. There is so much to see and do, you won't have time to do them all. Ghost tours in St. Augustine, antique shopping on Amelia Island, professional football here in Jacksonville, not to mention the sunbathing, golfing and boating that will fill your days with wonderful memories. When you are ready to begin your new life together, let Seaside Beach Weddings help you plan your dream come true. Don't settle for the ordinary--do something extraordinary! Book your beach wedding today! Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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