The Reichstag - Germany’s Parliament in Berlin, Ideal tourist city break vacation destination - Photographic Wallpaper for your Computer Desktop Berlin capital of
      Germany Ideal tourist city break vacation destination

The Reichstag - Germany’s Parliament

The classic 1945 black and white photograph of the Russian soldier placing the soviet flag on top of the Reichstag shows that the building had significant symbolic importance outside Germany even though the building had not been used as a Parliament since 1933 when a fire had gutted the inside. The Nazi regime did not use it fully as it had not been rebuilt. Strangely the contract for rebuilding the German Parliament was awarded to Sir Norman Fowler, a British Architect. It was a good choice as the finished building is impressive. He created a glass dome which lights up at night. Members of the Public can climb up to the dome and walk around it looking down onto the German parliament in session below. It symbolizes that Parliament is never above the people and that the workings of the new post reunification German Government is transparent.

Berlin capital of Germany Ideal tourist city break vacation destination

Berlin capital of the new Germany, is an ideal tourist city break vacation destination. I was not looking forward to visiting Berlin. Apart from the Brandenberg Gate and Check Point Charlie I did not think there would be much to see. Boy was I wrong. I was shocked how attractive Berlin city is. The best parts were in the old East Berlin. Prior to the wall coming down a trip to West Berlin would have been very disappointing as most of the best bits were on the communist side. If you go to Berlin looking for the Berlin wall you are going to be very disappointed as nearly all sections of it have been demolished and erased from the landscape. There are lots of hotels, motels and guest houses to suit all pockets. Traveling to Berlin is very easy. The Airport has its own railway station and you can travel to the heart of Berlin with ease. Try a coffee and marzipan filled croissants, whilst you are waiting for the train. Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!