Berlin - Spandau and its fantastic not to be missed brewery - Photographic Wallpaper for your Computer Desktop Berlin - Spandau and its fantastic not to be missed brewery
 Berlin capital of
      Germany Ideal tourist city break vacation destination

Berlin - Spandau and its fantastic not to be missed brewery

Spandau is worth a visit if only to go to its brewery. It is on the same railway line out of Berlin that you would use to get to Berlin Airport so it is easy to find. Spandau became a city in 1213 but there is evidence of much earlier settlement. In 1920 the city of Spandau lost its status as an independent city, officially becoming Berlin's 8th Administrative District "Die Spandauer", the people of Spandau, are known for their outspoken protests against their city's assimiliation into Berlin. After the Second World War Spandau became part of West Berlin's British Sector. It is most famous outside German for housing the Nazi Rudolf Hess in Spandau military Prison after the Nuremberg War Crime Trials in 1946. Spandau is now an industrial centre, but remnants of the city's historic military past are still visible. The city relied on the river and canal that encircles it for its defence for many years. The network of medieval streets can still be followed. You can find attractive half timbered houses down some of the side streets and in the Northern Section you can see sections of the old town wall.

One of Berlin’s hidden gems is the Spandau Brewery. Oh what a joy this place is. You will find it in the north of the city along the water’s edge. The seating area is around the big brass vats where the beer is made. They make different specials each month. The beer was like nectar. You can also have desert beer. I tried Banana beer. If you can imagine an alcoholic banana milkshake you will have an idea of just how goods that was. The food. I forgot to mention the food. In the next room there is a carvery full of traditional German country food. I was in heaven. Fantastic food and amazing beer.

Berlin capital of Germany Ideal tourist city break vacation destination

Berlin capital of the new Germany, is an ideal tourist city break vacation destination. I was not looking forward to visiting Berlin. Apart from the Brandenberg Gate and Check Point Charlie I did not think there would be much to see. Boy was I wrong. I was shocked how attractive Berlin city is. The best parts were in the old East Berlin. Prior to the wall coming down a trip to West Berlin would have been very disappointing as most of the best bits were on the communist side. If you go to Berlin looking for the Berlin wall you are going to be very disappointed as nearly all sections of it have been demolished and erased from the landscape. There are lots of hotels, motels and guest houses to suit all pockets. Traveling to Berlin is very easy. The Airport has its own railway station and you can travel to the heart of Berlin with ease. Try a coffee and marzipan filled croissants, whilst you are waiting for the train. Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!