These are real war machines not model kits - Free Armored Tanks, Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers, AFV & Military Vehicles Wallpaper for your Computer DesktopFree Armored Tanks, Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers, AFV and Military
 Vehicles Computer desktop background wallpaper

  How to download wallpaper to your computer desktop:  
For Windows users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Right click on the image, and a menu will appear.
Choose "Set as wallpaper." or "Set as Background"
If the picture does not fill your computer screen, right click the screen and choose "properties" on the drop down menu.
On the box that appears select "Desktop" and in the box that is marked Position choose "Stretch",
and you're done!.
  For Apple Mac users:
Move your Mouse over the wallpaper background picture
Hold your mouse button down until you see a menu appear
Select "Save This Image As." In the box that pops up, choose ' desktop'.
Go inside your Apple Menu to Control Panel, and select "appearance."
In appearance, select Desktop, then click "place picture."
Select the wallpaper file you saved and click "choose." Select "position automatically." Click "set desktop," close the window, and you're done Tell your friends about us, e-mail them!

Model Armored Tanks, Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers & AFV 

There are many companies that now make model kits of Armored Tanks, Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers, AFV & Military Vehicles in various scales. Here are a few of them. Fujimi 1/76 plastic kit, Hinchliffe Skytrex in 1/76 scale, RAFM, AIRFIX model, Revell, MILICAST, Bandai, Academy model kits, Boford models, combat group dynamix, corgi, doyusha, 1/35 scale, 1/144 micro scale, 1/72 scale, Minichamps military diecast vehicles, Marui shooting tanks, Popy, modles, Revel, Solido, Takara, Tamiay, Tamiya, F-toys, Forces of Valour, Trumpeter, Franklin mint, Wartanks, resin, diecast, Furuta, Gaincorps, Dioramas, verlinden decals, Dragon, armour, ICM models, Italeri, Haasegwa, Testor, AFV club

British Military Armoured Tanks of World War Two

The British Army used a number of different tanks during the war. Here are a few of them Light tank Mark 1, Light tank Mark II, Western Desert Matilda infantry support tank, British Expeditionary Force (BEF) infantery Tank Valentine, Lee/Grant Medium Tank M3, A-15 Crusaders cruiser tank, Valentine tanks A-9 Cruiser Mark I and A10 Cruiser Mark II , Centaur or Cruiser Mark VIII or A-27 L, Challenger tank or A-30. Cromwell or Cruiser Mark VIII or A-27 M. Tank, A-22 Churchills were under-armed with the 2 pounder gun, 6 pounder gun, but eventually a 75 mm gun, then a 17 pounder. Churchill I, Churchill II, American Sherman Tank was adopted by the British Army and used in great numbers. The British used the 17 pounder in their Sherman Firefly Tank version, A-41 or Centurion. Heavy cruiser tank, With a 120 mm rifled gun, the Chieftan Tank entered service in 1967 Add our site to your 'Favorites' list now!

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