The WW2 RAF Boulton Paul Defiant
Moore's Aircraft - two seat Turret Night Fighter

The WW2 RAF Boulton Paul Defiant two seat Turret Night Fighter - a photograph not a model Airfix aircraft kit

World War Two Aircraft
My name is Craig Moore. My interest in aircraft came from my uncle who was in RAF WW2 Bomber Command as a rear gunner in Wellington Bombers. He survived two tours of duty the first over Germany and the second flying from North Africa over Italy. I enjoy airshows and watching the displays of modern jet fighters from different air forces as well as cold war interceptors and bombers. The World War One bi-planes and tri-planes are a particular favourite. To see them flying again is inspiring. Each year more war birds are restored to flying condition for us to admire.

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RAF Boulton Paul Defiant Turret Night Fighter
The RAF Boulton Paul Defiant was powered by the same Merlin Engine as the Supermarine Spitfire and Hurricane but was slightly degraded in performance because it carried a crew of two and a heavy gun turret. B1`ecause of technical hitches it took longer to develop and only entered service in 1939. The idea behind the was to bring heavy armament to a fighter but the concept was fatally flawed as this warbird was not fitted with forward firing guns.

All Boulton Paul Defiant's firepower was in the rear four 600 round each, 0.303in Browning gun turret. The pilot and the gunner had to work in total unison if they were to avoid being shot down and inflict any damage on the more superior planes of the Luftwaffe. The first few Boulton Paul Defiant engagements with the German fighters were successful because they were mistaken for Spitfires and hurricanes and so were attacked from the rear.

Defiants started to be shot down and the high losses forced RAF fighter command to withdraw them from daytime missions. They were painted black and used as night fighters and had some success during the battle of Britain shooting down German bombers. In 1941 seven night fighter squadrons were issued with Radar equipped Boulton Paul Defiant. They were replaced with the more effective Mosquitoes and Beaufighters.

These aircraft photographs are great reference sources if your painting 1/72 scale, 1/48 scale or 1/24 scale plastic model airplane Airfix, Tamiya, zvezda, revel, Pavala aircraft kits or you’re into flying and painting radio RC controlled model planes.

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