WW2 RAF Westland Lysander monoplane
Moore's Aircraft - Reconnaissance Artillery Spotter S.O.E transport

The RAF Westland Lysander Reconnaissance Artillery Spotter SOE transport two-seat high-winged monoplane

World War Two Aircraft
My name is Craig Moore. My interest in aircraft came from my uncle who was in RAF WW2 Bomber Command as a rear gunner in Wellington Bombers. He survived two tours of duty the first over Germany and the second flying from North Africa over Italy. I enjoy airshows and watching the displays of modern jet fighters from different air forces as well as cold war interceptors and bombers. The World War One bi-planes and tri-planes are a particular favourite. To see them flying again is inspiring. Each year more war birds are restored to flying condition for us to admire.

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WW2 RAF Westland Lysander monoplane
The Westland Lysander or ‘lizzy’ is a two-seat, high-winged monoplane, British Royal Air Force army cooperation, reconnaissance and artillery-spotter. To my knowledge there are now only two Westland Lysanders still airworthy out 1,650 that were built. The Lysander had a maximum Speed of 212 mph and a ceiling of 21,500 ft. Its range was 600 miles. The prototype was flown on June 15, 1936. In June 1938 the first operational Westland Lysanders were delivered to RAF No 16 Squadron.

Although it was the first British airplane sent to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force in September 1939 during WW2 it was soon withdrawn from frontline service as it was vulnerable because of its relatively slow speed. In November 1939 a 'Lizzie' shot down the first Luftwaffe Heinkel bomber to fall in BEF territory but many Lysanders were shot down before they were recalled.


It was not scrapped as it found its own niche during the war. It became famous for its nocturnal flights over enemy territory dropping supplies and SOE (Special Operations Executive) agents behind enemy lines. It was fitted with a long range fuel tank and fixed ladder. The Westland Lysander also acted as a target tug, and was involved in spotting for air-sea rescue operations over the English Channel.

These aircraft photographs are great reference sources if your painting 1/72 scale, 1/48 scale or 1/24 scale plastic model airplane Airfix, Tamiya, zvezda, revel, Pavala aircraft kits or you’re into flying and painting radio RC controlled model planes. There are many aviation books published about the SOE operations in France.

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